About Us

About Founder

I am Gautham Kolluri, CEO & Founder of Center for International Programs (CIP). I am a seasoned professional in International Education Consulting with 20 years of experience. I started my journey as an International student in 1993 in Post Soviet Ukraine and, established CIP in 2001. Today we have global presence in Canada, India, Ukraine, Philippines, Nigeria and shortly expanding to Brazil, Vietnam. I also previously worked as the International Students Recruitment Officer in Mohawk College for South Asia, India and Conestoga College for Eastern Europe. I lived in North America, Europe, Asia and fluent in many in Russian, Ukrainian, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu.
We are a sole business with 20 years of expertise in International Education and not a startup company financed by seed funding or shared investors. Our focus is to provide the best support without the pressure to generate revenue and profits for the share holders. Our team of experienced, dedicated professionals provide the expert guidance and real-life advice to prospective international students. It is a great pleasure to be a part of life changing journey of prospective students and support International Education Institutions focused on ethical recruitment and student success.

Our Mantra: Ethical Recruitment & Student Success

Ethical Recruitment: We exclusively, directly work with prospective international students and strongly oppose the sub-agent Recruitment model. *International Student Recruitment is not an online sales portal selling Hotel rooms & Flights. *International Student Recruitment is not a multi level human trafficking business pyramid for unprofessional agencies and unqualified sub agents to make quick revenue. This is a serious career for seasoned professionals with personal experience and expert study advisors. Prospective International students and their parents have limited opportunity to travel and check education institutions. Hence, they seek expert advice from a professional International Education consultancy. A sub-agent who has never lived or traveled abroad and has not visited the education institutions can come up fictional advice and not facts.

Student Success: Our focus is student success and we provide best advice irrespective of financial benefits and institutional partnerships. We pride in personalized approach to support every prospective student. We encourage the students participate in the process and take informed decisions. Gautham Kolluri, CEO is directly involved on ground and personally consults majority of the prospective students. His advice is based not just on facts but life time experience as an international student and seasoned international study advisor.

Our Formula

Limited operational expenditure, Extensive support to students beyond visa. We created an online platform and omnipresent virtual system to support prospective international students with process teams based in key locations. Our unique methodology has helped us in depth reach without huge marketing budgets or setting up fancy offices in multiple locations. The revenue saved thus provides us financial strength to support the students beyond visa, not just in their home countries but also at their study destinations. We organize airport greet, welcome parties, orientation sessions, temporary accommodation for students, scholarships based on mentorship and academic excellence.


We have a global presence and support prospective students from Canada, India, Ukraine, Nigeria, Philippines. We are in the process of expanding to Vietnam and Brazil by the end of 2020. For Institutions supporting us in the core markets such as India, we provide diversity scholarships up to 5000$.
We welcome educational institutions with focus on student success and ethical recruitment to join our endeavor to provide the best support to prospective students.